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Hong Kong Protest Turns | Anxiety And Anger Builds In Hong - At Up-Tube.com

Hong Kong protest turns Anxiety and anger builds in Hong 1 day ago   07:24

DW News
Police in Hong Kong have fired tear gas at protesters trying to stop a controversial proposed law that would allow extradition to mainland China. The city's legislative council has postponed a planned debate on the law after crowds blocked access to government buildings. Hong Kong officials have ordered the demonstrators to disperse, but the protesters say they're defending the territory's freedom.
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Comments 898 Comments

A truth is they make the HK be a protect umbrella of ant-China ,smear China,washing money base,if that are they freedom but in your country will be allowed?
Geo economics
Smells on USA empire work
smarty pants
hong kong citizens should have the right to keep and bear arms. america's second amendment protects its citizens from a tyrannical government.
William Chao
Canada detained Chinese Citizen in behave of USA intending to be extradited to USA for trial. Extradition of Hong Kong citizen to China is not even an international law.
Stay strong Hong Kong, looks like the reporting’s already in full spin trying to turn the tides calling it a riot. .. hold tight and show the world.
Maxim Han
she want get favor from china government, but got backfired... to the hong kong ppl, they protest because if they not protest for their own rights, no one will protest for them and there will be more unpopular bills gonna pass, slowly take over their rights..
Huavan Cuong
communist lies
Alvin Cheung
Bitte beten Sie für Hong Kong, damit wir nicht alleine gehen
Razim Liz
Knute M
Your clickbait headline TURNS VIOLENT is misleading and untrue. It is still, as of June 16, a peaceful demonstration by a huge percentage of the 7 million residents of Hong Kong who are trying to let it be known that they want to retain what freedom they have from the communist party-government in Beijing.
sylvia Lee
Police chief should be fired. He will not have a good day to live, until he moved away from Hong Kong. We will remember his crimes today.
Sean Pan
Riot works.
Sean Pan
What harm can a little peaceful violent riot do? Totally, harmless, right?
marcus bernau
The entire world is watching China burning Bibles and churches no one wants their false god government applied on them we are created from God the Father! i hope the Hong Kong people fight till they win their freedom as long as China is doing those wicked things I burn all items made in China there government is not a God its piss poor to all the people who want to live free
marunji1 marunji1
Carrie lam stated 'Beijing did not request the extradition law', must of just wanted to make it easier for Beijing to punish dissenters, instead of just kidnapping them. For  which I can't recall Hong Kong government making any protests
Jožica Bratec
People seem to forget what the main reason for all this fear and anger is that causes these brave people to take to the streets. The main reason is slavery.
Signing an inhumane treaty and selling and buying people like common goods/objects. The British took over and then they divided Hong Kong into a rich and a poor region. After 99 yrs they repeat the whole process but in the reverse and both governments don`t give a damn about the people. The British and their Colonial behavior has done so much damage on this planet. That`s how they signed the Balfour Declaration and caused thousands of deaths. It`s a disgrace how people are treated in the so-called "civilized & Democratic" society. THE LEAST BOTH GOVERNMENTS COULD DO IS APOLOGIZING TO THESE PEOPLE, NOT SPRAYING AND BEATING THEM. THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR IS A DISGRACE FOR EVERY GOVERNMENT, EVERY REGIME!
Shawn.M Gómez
I can't understand if Beijing wants to catch someone, why do they go through the judicial process?
dan lam
Why China just rent for HK to let them alone, much bet the than this.
Chinese police state provoked the protesters !!!
To Dimensions
I have a question: How come some Hong Kong policemen or Cantonese/Guangdong policemen do not understand Cantonese language when communicating with the protesters.
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Anxiety and anger builds in Hong Hong Kong protest turns 1 day ago   05:53

Anxiety and anger are building in Hong Kong over a highly controversial extradition bill that could see people sent to mainland China for trial. It's exposing a deeper fear among residents, including 300,000 Canadians.

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