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Stoney Ridge Farmer
OK...we have driven 4500 miles over 8-10 days and I have some feedback I'd love to share with you. This doesn't go into too much detail about drivetrain or specs. Only the things that I love...and the few things that I would do differently and just outright dont care for on my 2016 Mercedes Sprinter 144" Passenger Van. Hope you enjoy...not my usual VLog for sure!

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Lawrence Munroe
They are the best looking vehicle's of their kind ,Ford Transit or those horrible looking GM,s don't come close but they are asking far too much money especially for the ready made RV conversions .One thing I do notice is a rust issue ,not very long before you start seeing it all around .
S Volk
Fuel cap is NOT original
Throw it away !
I have never spilled even a drop of fuel on the side of my Sprinter in almost 500k miles with original fuel cap !
What kind of review is that ?
And people watch and believe it !
You're in Moab. Put some 40's on that Sprinter with a 3 inch lift !
cliff bird
i had the merc vito traveliner. Max speed 80MPH going downhill. uphill it was more like 30MPH. could only just get to 70MPH which was the speed limit on motorways and u can not go slower than 50 which was a problem for the vito as it just could not go up hills.
high torque to be able to pull away beter but that ripped the bearings in the drive shafts to shreds

 Drive shafts had to be replaced every 60k miles cause the bearings were too weak to handle the torque. Very noisy and rattled a lot. heater matrix replaced twice in 5 years. 2 gearboxes. It was a piece of junk and cost more to keep repairing it than it cost to buy it.

Good thing was i got 1 million miles on the clock before it got scrapped and it was 5 years old. but after the 2nd gearbox went it was costing way to much to keep repairing it.
It had 6 passenger seats and 1 space for wheelchair users and loads of room for luggage. That to me as a taxi driver was why i bought it.
It had loads of power to carry a lot it just couldnt handle going up hills even when empty.

Merc know the problems with each model thay make car of van. They wont fix them on newer models cause they think about all the profit they can make from selling spare parts. So merc like all German car makers build faults into their cars/vans simply for the profit of selling spare parts which r also faulty.
They changed the shape for the mk2 and made a few nice changes but it still had the built in faults reported by drivers who had the mk1.
Thomas Kinkade
It's HORRIBLE but it looks good? Stop defending MB Unintuitive design. You should NEVER have to read the manual for audio, HVAC, and locks. Tape and pool noodles? This is a FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLAR VEHICLE not the trailer park.
Howdy from Kernersville
Christina S
Has he done an update? I looked and looked through his videos and I did t see one. Could’ve missed it.
s s
Instead of a 15 minute video of you talking to yourself and not showing us anything, how about just write a blog and list your thoughts? Save us all the trouble of fast forwarding through all your nonsense. You either need to learn how to edit videos bc you really only have 60 seconds of content, or learn to stop talking like a diva. You're not a 16 year old blonde chick.
Mile Pavlovic
takes more than 8 days to give a true review of a real cost of ownership
greg horoski
try reading the owners manual
Godfrey Mushaninga
i HAVE A MERC AVANTGARDE , the controls are like that , same as lock they dont confuse me
Godfrey Mushaninga
you are down playin Merc , i THINK YOU should stick to ''THE UGLY ONES''
Gary D
These vans are crap, we have 6 of them at work, last year we spent 80k on them just to keep them going, not accounting for normal servicing and tyres etc....
Give me an Asian derived vehicle any day.
Scott Carter
Reuben Ahmed
$50000? I thought this was a $150,000 van.
Hi, how did you put the adverts on the side windows? They look cool and I thought I'd do that for a charity I support
Wow you make a lot of complaints about the Sprinter van and some of them are down to your own fault and not the way the van is designed to be used.
yourr namee
Ok, I’ll take it off your hands. I am willing to do this just for you.
I get what your'e saying about ugly other vans, I enjoy the more beautiful European cars too. But ... I have friends who have the Mercedes Sprinter and they're really unhappy with how long it takes to get parts, and how expensive it is. So we're going with an American company or Nissan for a conversion choice, so we're not enslaved to the ridiculous problems Mercedes owners seem to have. NOT what you want when you're on the road!
Reg Sordenstone
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