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Don't Buy A Mercedes Sprinter Van Until | Winnebago Revel 4X4 Adventure Vehicle - At Up-Tube.com

Don't Buy a Mercedes Sprinter Van until Winnebago Revel 4x4 Adventure Vehicle 1 day ago   14:51

Stoney Ridge Farmer
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OK...we have driven 4500 miles over 8-10 days and I have some feedback I'd love to share with you. This doesn't go into too much detail about drivetrain or specs. Only the things that I love...and the few things that I would do differently and just outright dont care for on my 2016 Mercedes Sprinter 144" Passenger Van. Hope you enjoy...not my usual VLog for sure!

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Wait until you find about the level of rust they accumulate...one of the worst vans...they still sell them like hot cakes with the engine reliability thing...but what is the point,,,and especially in an rv...that perhaps has low - medium annual mileage (unless used by pensionists)...when the van is going to rot in a few yars
Mario Galicia
You talk too much . all you need is a common sense all cars have different design and there's no windshield that won't crack defend where you use it..you make no sense you just a complainer ..
Mato Petrusic
what tires are you running on it?
Wait. Pause at 4:32. The fuel gauge on any vehicle is an estimate. It's not some scientific reading you fax in to NASA. All it does is suggest "maybe you should get fuel". You have tank shape and the angle you are sitting on to consider. Don't blame your tools bro.
Erik Winkler
I drove a 2006 Dodge 3500 version as a wheelchair lift paratransit bus and loved it. Looks like it's gone down hill since then but still pretty sweet. I can't put a photo but on 8/5/'09 my analog fuel gauge was showing E, 4 miles later I pulled in to the bus barn with 7/10 gal., or about 10 miles left. Just like my 1988 420 SEL it had zero cup holders. I think the Germans thought is if you are driving you can't have beer, so why have a drink holder?
David St James
8:48 "We're not a pack of idiots here." Overall this was an informative video. However, this is a fine example of the need to question your source of information and do your own research. "Maybe we should read the manual?" Yes, indeed.
-There was definitely a manufacturers defect with the way that your windshield and the seal were installed.

-I agree about the fuel fill problem, what a mess.
-I agree that the choice of cup holders and their placement is terrible.
-I agree that there is a shortage of charging ports/receptacles.
-The two lock buttons are for different purposes, as someone else here has pointed out.
-If you don't want that vent blowing upward, you can close it and obviously more air will flow out of the other vents.
-With the hvac on recirc mode, it recirculates the air from inside instead of drawing in fresh air from outside, it's not meant to blow harder.
-Of course a 4WD is going to be better off road. Yes, a 2WD is definitely meant for road use.

If this gentlemen would have glanced at the owners manual for the things that he was having problems with, most of these problems would have been solved.
Scotty Kilmer: "Mercedes is endless money pit !"
Dumb question possibly, but if the van needs some sort of engine maintenance, oil change, etc, do you take it to a Mercedes dealership or to an RV place? Or does it matter?
J Hall
You should be able to have that high speed flapping fixed when you get a new winshield put in. Maybe that's why it is cracking (???)
Steven Henson
if I was in your position and knowing all the stuff that you just said I would strongly and seriously consider the other bands that are out there that Dodge the Ford if there was another one I'm not forgot the name of it but Dodge and Ford and they make him just like that I think they're all made with the same vehicle let's just stay put different names on it there is a Ford out that the UPS store where I live they have the Ford one that you can pretty much almost stand up or standup yeah that's the same as that Mercedes but it's Ford I think probably it would have been a little different having like the Ford or the Dodge you might want to investigate and I strongly suggest you to get rid of that that's too many things that's all bad
Steven Henson
well I'm past 11 minutes in my conclusion to watching your video is you need to get rid of it that's no good that vehicle and people told me about that the Mercedes-Benz van the one that you can almost stand up in and the thing is Mercedes anything that goes wrong is going to cost an arm and a leg tune-ups anything is going to be so expensive when you went for that van you should have probably got a there's a Ford and then there's a Dodge and you should have probably did that four-door Dodge
Steven Henson
yes and my lock you were talking about the locks now yes my lock is right on the door I push down one little button and it locks all four doors and I every time I get in it actually I locked the doors because you never know what might happen you might come to a stop sign and somebody wants to maybe like take your vehicle with a gun in his hand well you'll be turning the door to open it and he can't open it and then I'll be driving away and also if you get stopped by the police and they decide they want to open your door and take you out well my doors locked I don't want to comply with any of that you know I'll give what I'm supposed to give but you're not going to come in my vehicle nobody's going to come in my vehicle but yeah you're right about that you need to have your door locks on the doors even on the passenger side there's a door lock button for the doors all of them just like on the right and the left on the left on the right
Steven Henson
sounds to me like you guys need to get rid of that van that's too many things that's all bad I would start looking for a van that would not be like that that you can actually live in and and really enjoyed those fans are out there you have to do your investigation work I already knew about this Mitsubishi Montero I drove it years ago and I really like it and I should have really bought it then but I got the message mishi mighty Max truck instead I had a 4-cylinder strong engine but yeah I know all about this Mitsubishi you should know about the vehicle before you buy it and definitely do not buy a vehicle without the owner's manual the book that tells you everything about it as all the answers to those questions you know what's this knob what's that knob what is this do they have a book on all that
Steven Henson
On my Mitsubishi my cruise is on the right hand side of the steering wheel and right behind it like in a small little little handle like thing very puny out of the way of everything totally awesome Mitsubishi makes good stuff I remember this 1997 Mitsubishi Montero a long time ago when we went into the dealership to get a truck and actually I drove this vehicle back way back when and now I end up getting at second third fourth hand I actually living it and I love it I'm all alone I'm not married anymore I'm not my kids grown up it's just me and the seats go down all the way and that's how it's got a 6 cylinder very powerful engine and very strong and I got a gang in miles and but you just treat it well you. You always keep a fresh oil in it you know change the oil oil filter air filter do the things that you can do to treat a good and then I'll treat you good don't beat on them are any car for that matter
Steven Henson
You were supposed to get a book on that van when you bought it you can go on the internet and put in what you got and find out I'm sure you can get a book on it to Mercedes I know I'm kind of thinking that this is a used van you bought and he didn't give you a book on it I have an SUV a Mitsubishi Montero 1997 and it had other owners like I think two or three I think two but there's some a whole book on it and it came with the Mitsubishi you asked for it you don't ever buy a vehicle without the book the book Thomas with every vehicle and then that can tell you what this are does what that are does what this button does
Steven Henson
you're saying it doesn't go any faster than 85 miles per hour I would kind of think that there's something you can do about that how you might want to investigate you might find that there's some simple little things that you can do and there's some things that you can do that cost little money but I think you can change that I really really do don't give up yet fight the good fight
Twisted Stink Pickle
Couldnt get past 2 mins of EWWWW that looks ugly! This looks pretty!
Jack Daniels
Nice honest video, nice lookin wife too!;-)
Retro Style Customs
You actually bought one of those things....l o l..llool...lollol....llololololll.haa,,ahhha,, tee,,,hee...loll..looollololo
mtn ride
geeez all I heard was waaaaaa waaaaaaa waaaaaaa.
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