Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer Michelle Pfeiffer Cut Al Pacino During 1 day ago   06:03

The HBO movie “The Wizard of Lies,” dramatizing the Bernie Madoff financial fraud that bilked investors out of $65 billion, stars Robert De Niro as Madoff and Michelle Pfeiffer as his wife, Ruth. Pfeiffer tells TODAY that while “the court of public opinion” believes that Ruth and Madoff’s sons were involved in the fraud, the reality “couldn’t be further from the truth.”
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Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer On ‘Wizard of Lies,’ Bernie Madoff Scandal | TODAY

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James anonymous
everybody here seems to be falling all over themselves about pfeiffer ,,,,,"The Actress", the story is about The Madoff's or what
is left of them. DO YOU NOT GET THE POINT ??????????
warrior saint
why do you have liars talking about lairs/ Laur is stupid enough asnd perverted enough to calla loser llike denero to lie some more.
linda cohen
7 warnings to the SEC under Bush 43, from forensic accountants, and very credible sources, about Madoff
peter bowen
Bobby D , what a great actor.
Lost all respect for him after hearing and watching him bash the Present or the United States.
What a fool he is!
Don Diego Vega
The sons and wife didn’t know. The facts prove this. In fact, when the sons found out, they reported him! One was so distraught over this that he hung himself. The other died from cancer! The wife lives without her husband, and her children are dead. Yet, every day she is openly mocked. Apparently Bernard is a very forceful, controlling man.
Marilu Carvallo
How could you love your family and keep that secret from them. This guy is major league.
Keera Ashton
Uncanny how they looked so alike
Pfeiffer was an amazing Ruth Madoff. I feel so sorry for Ruth, she was caught up in a bad situation, lost her children, grandchildren, her life long love, and her cushy life style. He screwed up, but she had to pay for it.
This movie was LIT
Barbara ntia
Snakes look alike😂😂😂😂
Edmondson James
I wonder if Matt molested anyone on this day throwing stones at others?
Peter J. Andros
Clifford Kilkenny
Lauer destroyed his family as well. Complete pig.
philip Brailey
De Niro has since lost his mind.
A Handley
Where can I see this movie besides HBO?
Graham Hill
de nero plays the same in every film ,way pass his sell by date
Pfeiffer is incredibly boring to listen to.
Byron Cole
Dreyfuss, beats De nero as Bernie.
Great actresses
Mr. Williams
Michelle Pfeiffer still hot!
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Michelle Pfeiffer Cut Al Pacino During Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer 1 day ago   04:31

Michelle Pfeiffer explains how she almost lost out on her star-making role in Scarface because Al Pacino didn't want her, until she injured him during a screen test.

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Michelle Pfeiffer Cut Al Pacino During Her Scarface Audition