Great natural wonders - tidal Here comes the flood!! 1 day ago   02:53

BBC Studios
David Attenborough narrates this video clip about Talbot Bay, a rarely seen vision of the tide at one of the most wild and rugged parts of Australian shoreline. From BBC.

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Amada Hita
I always watch this nature stuff with heavy music like SoaD or Delta Parole rock hard.
Philip Freeman
Good place to generate some power .
Salvatore DeMaria
Perhaps submerged power generators, twice a day per each tide change? ... just a thought.
Articulate Management
Not so sure "suction" is a valid term for what's happening there.
John Doe
This a perfect location for submerged power generators.

Better than wind and solar
Wonderful to get to see a video of this.
Is it possible to upload this video from something that isn't a potato horrendous quality!
Annie Haydon
My island home 🇦🇺
the wonders of the universe make us stunned ... the greatness of the god the creator of the creator of nature
Tom Larson
good spot for hydro-electricity, from the reef to the 4 hour trip to the bay inlets
Lavinia Heks
Hey David, the 80s called, the want their video cameras back.
NotImportantTo SeeMyName
In the episode of why youtube recommended me this
Henry Koplien
I watched this on my Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium (4k). I thought it was an icon only😂
Girish Bandeppa
Right place for power generation n if replicated innovative idea by nature
Doc Brown
Has anyone tracked the exact rate w floating GPS gear yet? A series of small balls w GPS (to be recovered later) could show exact flow and tide heights. Grew up listening to this guy, watched a lotta docu tv, yrs worth of docu stuff since the 60s.
God's bathtub
Don Bailey
Your lack of brainwashing is showing, you used the word tidal wave rather than tsunami iam proud of you.
Do you say man rather then person? Oh i guess that would be asking to much.
More like the power of the sun and Moons gravity 😎
Rob Grant
Just Die already
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Here comes the flood!! Great natural wonders - tidal 1 day ago   03:03

After digging out the head section of a pond it was time to make the last cut and fill the deeper section with water.