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New York City - Video Tour | Nueva York - Vídeo Tour - At Up-Tube.com

New York City - Video tour Nueva York - Vídeo tour 2 months ago   06:27

New York Habitat
Hello and welcome to another video tour of a neighborhood in New York City by New York Habitat ( http://www.nyhabitat.com ). Today, we will be taking you on a tour of Dumbo, in Brooklyn, New York. This will be the first episode of our two-part series dedicated to this fantastic neighborhood.

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel ( http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=NewYorkHabitat&annotation_id=annotation_670785&feature=iv ) and do not hesitate to watch other great neighborhood video tours by New York Habitat, like these ones of SoHo https://up-tube.com/upvideo/jCsyd6h9LJx ) and Union Square ( https://up-tube.com/upvideo/SVHKidey-Zp ).

The acronym "Dumbo" actually stands for "Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass". This wonderful neighborhood is indeed found between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. You can walk or cycle across either to get to Manhattan in as little as 10 minutes.

If you do not feel like walking, you can catch the F or C train, which both stop in Dumbo, and the 2/3 train station to Times Square is a little farther away in Brooklyn Heights.

To cross the Brooklyn Bridge on foot from Dumbo to Manhattan, head to Washington Street, and you will find the underpass that will lead you up a stairway and bring you up onto the Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian walkway.

No other spot in the city can beat views from Dumbo! From the Fulton Ferry Landing, practically underneath the Brooklyn Bridge, you can see downtown Manhattan skyscrapers, such as the Woolworth Building, but also boats coming in and out the harbor.

For all the gourmets out there, the River Café, is a waterfront Michelin-starred restaurant, where the food is as fine as the view.

During the 19th century, the Fulton Ferry Landing was the busiest spot in Brooklyn. It was named after the boat that shuttled residents to Manhattan, which actually was the only way to cross the East River until the Brooklyn Bridge opened in 1883).

The Brooklyn Bridge Park, which is found right next to the Fulton Ferry Landing opened in 2010 and is the first section of what will be an 85-acre waterfront park. It is kind of hard to believe that these piers were all covered with abandoned warehouses a few years ago. Moreover, in July and August, the Brooklyn Bridge Park transforms into an outdoor cinema.

The Tobacco Warehouse and the Empire Stores were built in the 1870s to hold dry goods to be loaded onto ships. This place was a major hub of both shipping and manufacturing. In fact, lots of goods were produced here in the 19th century, from beer, to boxes, to soap, and Dumbo played such an important role in New York City commerce at the time, that it was designated a historic district in 2007.

Do not forget that the best way to discover this amazing neighborhood and to experience its thrilling atmosphere is to rent an apartment in Dumbo with New York Habitat ( http://www.nyhabitat.com/new-york-apartment.html ). Whether you are looking for a furnished apartment ( http://www.nyhabitat.com/new-york-apartment/furnished ) or a vacation rental ( http://www.nyhabitat.com/new-york-apartment/vacation ) in Dumbo or somewhere else in Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens, you will always find the perfect place to call home away from home.

Feel free to check out our blog, if you feel like learning more about New York City or Brooklyn. You will find many interesting articles, about New York" ( http://www.nyhabitat.com/blog/2011/06/16/video-tour-dumbo-in-brooklyn-new-york-part-1/ ).

Thank you for joining us today. We hope you enjoyed the first part of our video tour of Dumbo, in Brooklyn, and look forward to your next stay in the Big Apple!

Continue watching with Part 2 of our Video Tour: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/cuxQz4LRgGD

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souleyemane diawara
i love you new York
Anil Kumar. Singh
amazing brige
Bo Rood
John Shol
That old beat up bulding was a tobacco factory he did not mention that allso mentioned the name as dumbo when refering to the past its only been dumbo for about 5 years and was one of the worst drug infested areas bur ya
Miguel Ayala
That was cool what I would like to know is when was it named Dumbo I was raised in Bklyn and never heard the name Dumbo ? Thank you my email ayamg@aol.com
Stawn Kashi
So informative
Ayanna Horton
Why aren't more of these videos of the multiple parts of NYC shown instead of just Times Square or S. Bronx??
Moinuddin Goni Chowdhury
Thank you for your great videos
Foysal East Bashaboo
Dhaka Bangladesh
S. H.
Hi, thanks for sharing. Any website for renting a vacation flat. thanks
sandy moonstone
🍎 📷 🐘 👌
Герман Устинов
маленький шедевр!!!
doobie soda
Grew up in this area. So many memories. I remember before Brooklyn Bridge Park was built, and the area was pretty desolate. The ice cream shop was there and the water taxi was just starting but the park area was all water. Furman street was scary but exciting to walk on as a teen. My friends and I used to walk on furman street all the time. Lol, good memories. I enjoy walking to BBP in the summer, sitting on the grass and just zoning out with my headphones. I love Brooklyn so much. I used to be obsessed with Manhattan, but now it's like, who cares!
Daron M.
I could've bought a place in DUMBO before it was DUMBO for like $2 million....that same building today is worth $25 million....guess how I'm feeling? Dumbo....
Peter Martin
Could you show the Watchtower complexes around there please, it's amazing what J.Ws have done with all their buildings
ProblemBoy Official
you forgot the vinegar hill neighbourhood on the map :)
otherwise great video
Progressive Ohio
waaaay cool - truly, no sleep til brooklyn!!!
Jim M
What a great video guys! Thanks so much for putting it up!
New York Habitat
DUMBO is one of the most trendy neighborhoods in #Brooklyn ! Check it out in our video tour: www.nyhabitat.com/blog/2011/06/16/video-tour-dumbo-in-brooklyn-new-york-part-1/
J Rivera
Thank you for making this video. It shows the area and explains much.  
Margie Graddicks
DUMBO is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Brooklyn, I love living in NYC
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Nueva York - Vídeo tour New York City - Video tour 2 months ago   05:52

Hola y bienvenidos a otro video tour de New York Habitat (https://www.nyhabitat.com/sp/) de un barrio genial de Nueva York. El video de hoy es el primero de una serie de dos videos dedicado al ¡fantástico barrio de Brooklyn Heights!

Brooklyn Heights está ubicado cruzando el puente de Brooklyn desde Lower Manhattan y limita con el East River al oeste, el Brooklyn-Queens Expressway al norte, Cadman Plaza y Court Street al este y Atlantic Avenue al sur.

Una de las mejores cosas de Brooklyn es sus numerosas conexiones de metro. A esta área llegan nueve líneas diferentes que funcionan las 24 horas, los siete días de la semana, así que sin importar si va al este u oeste de Manhattan o a cualquier parte de Brooklyn, difícilmente tendrá que cambiar de tren. En el centro de transportes en Borough Hall, usted puede tomar el tren exprés #2 que lo llevará a Times Square o el tren exprés #4 a Grand Central Terminal, ambos a sólo 15 minutos de distancia.

Por supuesto, la mejor manera de ir a Manhattan es caminar o ir en bicicleta por el puente de Brooklyn. Durante las primeras horas de la mañana camino al trabajo o en la noche después de cenar, siempre podrá apreciar la maravillosa vista de la ciudad de Nueva York. Este barrio es famoso por sus deslumbrantes vistas de Manhattan y del puerto de Nueva York.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade
Desde el Brooklyn Heights Promenade, tendrá una maravillosa vista de la Estatua de la Libertad, el puente de Brooklyn e incluso del Empire State Building. La promenade fue construida sobre el Brooklyn-Queens Expressway en 1950, antes este terreno solía ser un jardín privado.

Middagh Street
Aquí en el número 24 de Middagh Street, encontrará el edificio Federal, la construcción más antigua del barrio que data de 1824.

Los primeros colonizadores llegaron a Brooklyn Heights en 1640 y ésta fue principalmente una tierra de cultivo. Fue sólo cuando Robert Fulton inventó un transbordador rápido en 1814 que se dio una explosión demográfica y se construyeron calles como ésta.

Apartamentos en Brooklyn Heights:
Si de verdad usted quiere hacer parte de la cultura y de la vida diaria de Brooklyn, entonces tal vez querrá dejar de lado la idea de un hotel y reservar uno de los tantos apartamentos de vacaciones que New York Habitat tiene para ofrecer en el área. Definitivamente no hay mejor manera de disfrutar de su estadía en Brooklyn.

Por ejemplo, tenemos este apartamento de un dormitorio completamente amueblado a unas cuantas cuadras al sur de Brooklyn Heights (https://www.nyhabitat.com/sp/nueva-york-apartamentos/vacaciones/14942). Este apartamento se encuentra en la última planta de un brownstone de 3 plantas (equivalente a dos plantas en Europa) sin ascensor, además, el alojamiento viene con un conveniente aire acondicionado en todas las habitaciones, tiene una cocina-comedor completamente equipada y televisión por cable. El baño viene equipado con un lujoso jacuzzi.

A una corta caminata hacia Brooklyn Heights, también está este apartamento de tres dormitorios y dos baños tipo dúplex (https://www.nyhabitat.com/sp/nueva-york-apartamentos/amueblados/14987). Este apartamento de vacaciones está amueblado con modernos accesorios y viene con una práctica lavadora y secadora y por supuesto una cocina completamente equipada, además de la ventaja de una terraza, un patio y un jardín trasero privado.

Iglesia Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims
La iglesia Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims fue fundada en 1847 y su primer pastor fue Henry Ward Beecher, hermano de la escritora Harriet Beecher Stowe. Beecher fue un influyente portavoz a favor del abolicionismo que atrajo multitudes al barrio todos los sábados. Entre sus visitantes estuvieron Mark Twain, Charles Dickens y Abraham Lincoln.

Bien, espero que haya disfrutado de nuestro tour por Brooklyn Heights, por su puesto hay muchísimo más qué hacer y ver aquí. Si olvidé incluir alguno de sus secretos favoritos en este barrio, asegúrese de compartirlos en nuestra sección de comentarios.

Si está planeando un viaje a Nueva York, hágase un favor y olvide la aburrida habitación de hotel. Escoja uno entre los cientos de apartamentos amueblados (https://www.nyhabitat.com/sp/nueva-york-apartamentos/amueblados) o apartamentos de vacaciones (https://www.nyhabitat.com/sp/nueva-york-apartamentos/vacaciones) de New York Habitat.

Bueno, esto es todo en este primer episodio de nuestro video tour por Brooklyn Heights. Si conoce otros divertidos lugares que quiera compartir con nosotros, por favor escríbanos en nuestra sección de comentarios.

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