#522 EXPOSING MEDIA’S MASS Buzzfeed Rebuttal: 27 Racist Questions... 1 day ago   1:15:41

Talking all things Democrat Socialist losers, horrific dog kisses, Caitlyn Jenner's love child, and how the media lies about mass-shootings. Joined by THEE Dan Crenshaw! Half-Asian Bill sits third chair.

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What do you think is the most egregious lie the media pushes in the wake of mass shootings? Just their complete butchering of basic facts regarding firearms? Or labeling half the country as racist inciters of mass-murder just because they voted for Trump?
Dan Crenshaw sounds just like the anti-American Socialist Democrats!
I'm curious, what part of, "Shall not be infringed" do lawmakers not get?
I say more guns for everyone, WITH training.
1:14:05 VAPE NAYSH!
Enough gun laws! Laws aren't keeping people safe. Red tape, political correctness, socialism, false media, and toxic communities are what's creating all this violence.
"we monopolize the use of force as a government" Dan Crenshaw.... How about no!
Dayton Shooter - Liberal views, Opposes Donald Trump, Pro Elizabeth Warren, Was on Cocaine.
Leftists - It’s Trumps fault, ban guns, legalize drugs, reeeee
iRishGuy83 Clover
I could of done without the little goody goody good good speech at the end, but love the show, not that u care, keep it.up MAGA
Trevor Reid
The anti commune exists. They are called Hutterites
Karyn Pribble
With my handgun..I can hit center...maybe..70% of the time..with my AR..90%of the time,maybe..but as far as home defense..I'll takes the difference..I love my AR!!... plus honestly..it's fun to shoot
Rose Barnes
Omg!! Roflmao!! @17:00 "you need food on a plane" perfect deadpan!!
J.T. Jackson
Your "Anti-commune" sounds like Atlantis from Atlas shrugged.
José Carlos Baranda
the ar15(5.56) is even smaller caliber than the ak47(7.62).
ignorance is bold
Kelly Lentz
How do I find that wine?
Devon Bay
Crenshaw is a traitor. trump cheerleaders are more than lost. crowder is a crossdresser. process that.
NSFW Harold
I watched this hoping to assuage my concerns. You gave him a fair chance to make his case, and you asked the right questions. I'm sorry, but anything beyond proper due process is just plain unacceptable. No amount of sugar coating it is going to change that. Thank you for being on top of this issue, Steven.
Tokem juju
I in my opinion are having a terrible trouble believing the recent mass shootings i mean seriously 13 on 31
.... every single interviewee literally wailed as if they were crying but they absolutely completely and obligatory not actually crying whatsoever u can quite literally watch i cant remember her name but im sure youve all. Seen her interview bout how her sister and her niece died yet she did this horrible wahhhh cry but. If u quickly pay attention shes not shedding not one tear.. am i saying something didnt happen... no.. but i am saying they are manipulating facts to benefit their way to control
An MG-42, the German machine gun from WW2 fired 1200 a minute. The sound was like a “buzz saw”. Are you telling me, that an AR can fire at that speed, on semi automatic? Where you have to keep pulling the trigger?... okay fake news ok..
Cassandra S
You’re too juvenile to watch much
Valkyrie Ziege
;  Not one of the mass-murders were committed under the influence of opioids. In every case humans pull the trigger, i.e., Blame the humans, and the people giving fire-arms, and ammo, as "gifts".  
As presented in too many cases over the years, are psychiatric "medications" whose side-effects out-weigh any medical benefits, need to be withdrawn from the public market, i.e., Too many fatal acting-out, on unbalanced rage control problems on such medications, aren't coincidences. 
Do you know where opioids, and alcohol are illegal? In Saudi Arabia. 
We don't need any bronze-age superstition making laws in America, and we don't need another nightmare of "Prohibition" on America. Thank You
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Buzzfeed Rebuttal: 27 Racist Questions... #522 EXPOSING MEDIA’S MASS 1 day ago   10:52

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Debunking the latest trash video from Buzzfeed. In a "bold" attempt to take on racism, Buzzfeed just ironically outed themselves as pretty... well... you guessed it!

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