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Nintendo E3 Booth Tour (Luigi's | Ganondorf Explained - Zelda: Breath - At Up-Tube.com

Nintendo E3 Booth Tour (Luigi's Ganondorf Explained - Zelda: Breath 1 day ago   12:42

We take a tour of Nintendo's booth at E3 2019! See what the Luigi's Mansion 3, Pokémon Sword & Shield, and Link's Awakening booths look like inside, outside, and above! Plus you've gotta see the adorable Link's Awakening dioramas!

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Comments 295 Comments

Your camerawork is amazing! So steady! All the booths are amazing! Thanks!!!!
Didn't know Super Luigi World already opened
I wish I was there!! :D
Dude, the luigi's mansion booth was cool as SHIT.
Discover Life Media
High 5 to you!
Charly Moss
9:29 Sword Search starts playing 😍
Envy May
why is there a climbing wall pole lol
Captain Shades
I was actually at the booth, it was really disappointing, barely any cool theming, just big wooden backgrounds. I wish they had something like the 2017 Odessey ship
Star Wolf 128
Hm, I didn't see any Animal Crossing characters roaming the area.
Noah Hoshyla
Thank you always like looking at the videos of the show floor especially Nintendo until one year I can go myself.
5:50 hello there on the left!
Lapiser 64
I'm the thousandth person to hit the like button
Cup O Noodles
Link with that cute little fishing smile should've been a diorama somehow😂
Gooigi in smash!
1:03 Wait, they allow DOGS at E3? Well, I guess evryone deserves to check out those cool booths.
The Luigi's mansion 3 Booth looks really cool
Theflashguy 125
one day, one day I will be at E3!
Why are there no trees at Nintendo's tree house? :o
JJ Trenchard
1:50 What's SMG4 doing there on the left xd
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Ganondorf Explained - Zelda: Breath Nintendo E3 Booth Tour (Luigi's 1 day ago   07:33

John is back with more Zelda lore. This time he digs into the Breath of the Wild 2 Trailer

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