AMGERY daddo - the return Ep05 oh mai hevans! MLIP / Ep 59 / Shiba Inu puppies 2 days ago   02:15

shibainu shiro suki
he atacc
he protecc
but most importantly

he demands respecc

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Darcy Royce
l'm a tad amazed that people don't get dog behaviour...Shiro lS the pack leader, therefore, he'll show and teach boundaries for the little ones. And the little ones learn through trial and error - at the moment they seem fearless and bold entering his space at a whim but what happens if they meet the same situation ln the wild and can't "calibrate" their reaction - to act submissive or fight back? They could die. This is all about that: Shlro ls a no-nonsense father and he's showing signs of stress at all this hlppldy - hoppldy behaviour. He shouldn't be scolded even if for us lt looks harsh or even abusive. it's really not. it's dog socialization at its most authentic that requires human intervention only if it becomes physical le. he bites the pups.
Vivian henlo
He attacc
He protecc
But most importantly

He no like potat
Der Fuchs
I can relate to Shiro
That thumbnail tho...
SymoneOn TheSide
Extra Low Key
Serious question, are dog breeds like Shiro don't get along with his puppies? It would be quite sad if Suki would he like that too. Or maybe its just the dog's personality..
Judah Mourn
What language is that lol
Crazy Blue Tea Here's sum motha fckn TEA
Is this where the "he protecc, he attacc, but most importantly" thing originated from? Lol
Xeno Foxx
*Seccs* 😂😂😂😂😂😂
San Cho
Isnt it time you neuter shiro. 3 litters . Do you breed pups to sell them?
Maybe hes jealous hes getting no love anymore thats normally how men feel
Gabriel Korcarz
00:01 woman are property
H a h. Epic my fellow redditors!!!
Shiro: *has puppies*
Also Shiro to Puppies: "I don't even know you..."
Wendy Bartram
U need to rescue the poor meat farm dogs please look in to it
think about it next time and it will make u feel great i promise ok people will pay u for them try it please they need u so badly we r their voice they have every kind of breed puppies too. Very good karma too Bless u peace
Best example on how the birth of children means the end of sexual Life in a couple.
*cAn i gET a tiTty*
Emily M
Low key terrified me for a minute because I got bit by a shiba when I was 8
Ryan Lion
I love the way he says ‘Shiro’
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oh mai hevans! MLIP / Ep 59 / Shiba Inu puppies AMGERY daddo - the return Ep05 2 days ago   03:21

he atacc
he protecc
but most importantly

he distracc

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