Surfing Big Waves- Playa Negra, sick waves Costa Rica 4 months ago   03:51

Witch's Rock Surf Camp
A good day of free surfing in big waves at Playa Negra, Costa Rica.

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if u want a real wave u hit cloudbreak or tea'poo. or if fear is truly not a word in ur vocab, check shipstern. never seen conditions more unpredictable or violent
Jack Olson
yeah, i live in HI now. I lived in CR for a year and a half and I can say that the waves are perfect for beginners, women and old men. BTW, I never claimed to surf big waves...not like you claiming to huck yourself over 40-50 foot waterfalls (which is pretty bad ass, weather your are claiming or not). Looks like you are more guilty than I.
Adam Chase
u too
Adam Chase
as my buddy in CR said to me- "you want big waves go to Hawaii bro". I just started surfing but I've been running 40-50ft waterfalls and class 5+VI- whitewater for years. u think I'd see a vid of some guys"big falls"tape of the biggest waterfall around at only 25 ft and shit on them cause it was 15ft' shorter than my version of a big drop? u need everybody in internet land to think you surf 'real waves'? Most guys i know pullin ur shit pussy out when its time to paddle out or huck a waterfall
Jack Olson
@Skateology01 yeah, I guess. I've been here in Guanacaste for 7 months. The waves here are pretty small. If you get a chance to travel and surf other waves, you would probably feel the same way. When someone says big waves, I automatically think triple overhead at least.
Skyler Lydic
@creditscoreexpert your a badass bro
Loving this tune, good footage. Sub me, too & comment on my vids, if you care...
Jack Olson
where's the big waves you talked about? All I see are small to medium sized at best.
ChrisJAHn Skylark
fun size
Afik Mazon
@TheCypressmooninn greg from costa? in casa ela?
One can be injured in one foor surf as it breaks in shallow water. i did not see a "huge" wave in this video. Four to six feet. Double overhead starts to be big..
Afik Mazon
not hard to paddle at all
Afik Mazon
well the surf spot is rock bottom/reef and the wavs were huge and he broke his neck
Rafa Robaina
como se llama la canción??
Irina Ramírez
jajaja si da miedo
Chad Muñoz
playa negra is a heavy heavy point wave when is big, hard to paddle! but is a beatiful and perfect right wave!
John Govel
why is he a moron? housingis pretty cheap down there some of the cheapest in the world
that looks fun!
check out aruba surfing videosss!! tha shit
The song is Smoke & Mirrors by RJD2, on his album Dead Ringer. The album is definitely worth picking up.
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sick waves Costa Rica Surfing Big Waves- Playa Negra, 4 months ago   02:14

surfing one of the best waves in costa rica - playa hermosa jaco!

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