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Oberwesel, Germany • Our Amazing Castle | World Amazing Modern Road - At Up-Tube.com

Oberwesel, Germany • Our amazing CASTLE World Amazing Modern Road 6 months ago   05:03

Zane's World
Burgs and beers in Oberwesel, Germany. The castle cribs were the highlight!

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Gaurav Ghosh
Loved the video...
Wilderness Bug
You two are hilarious! I am actually from Germany (have been living in San Diego for 9 years) and this is really fun to watch for me! :)
Jill Garbart
Awesome videos.....you guys are so funny!....love watching the videos!
Jake K
Chug season 2 PLEASE
Ronnie Gonzalez
what is this filmed with?
C. Jones
Getting tired of continuous pouty-Mel vision. If she is not into it, please add more Zane-factor and bring back Steve.
Lavender Rabbit
Looks like your getting close to Frankfort and the end of your Germany trip.
I love walking out of Frankfort train station(with my wife) and walking past a telephone booth and the telephone rings! Answering the phone in my best Russian and hearing the women's voice telling me to F$@&*$#!
Arcade Warrior
Awesome video Zane! I didn't know you had a YouTube channel, and I'm a big fan of your shows!
Michael Perez
Such aggressive knocking Zane!
Laughed a lot from this episode (especially @ 3:53)! You and Mel have a great chemistry together and your married back n forth-ness makes it enjoyable to watch (along with all the cool history facts of course).
These castles are getting old ! Need to see more dog crap be walked on ! Lol
Albert Shamah
why was your chick so uptight? Grabbing a man's beer. Should've picked out one of them castles and found you a dungeon. Put miss bad-attitude-grabby-beery down there with her aviators. "Now vet me see zu grabbin' mine beer, eh?"
Tiffany Teter
"Doctor, we've lost him!" Hahahahaha
Gregg Bond
You've done well with Castles and Fireworks in Germany.
Bill Bannon
you have a great attitude even with Mel always in a bad mood
Daniel Wyher
strong video! what show are you doing loved 3 sheets bro
Joe Jenkins
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World Amazing Modern Road Oberwesel, Germany • Our amazing CASTLE 6 months ago   12:06

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Современное строительство и ремонт дорог. Укладка асфальта и ямочный ремонт в России, США, Германии, Дании, Голландии и других странах Европы, Америки и Азии. Смотрим!

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