DATING AND MAKING FRIENDS IN GERMANY Life in Berlin, Germany for an Indian 4 months ago   11:50

Hi guys!

Hope you're all well.. I've meant to film and post this video for so long now, I have several different versions on my computer but did this today and hope this gives some insight!


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Hey guys! Hope you're all well. Dating and making friends can always be tricky, here are some of my insights based off of my experiences living in Munich. Enjoy, hope to see you in my next video! 💃😊
Chef Rawat Kitchen
I m alone please call me I m first time in Garman Dusseldorf...
What accent is that
Syed Tihaam Ahmad
2 weeks in kaiserslautern germany but still no german friends.. :v :(
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WOW...seems like dating in Germany is more challenging and less "gentleman" like than in U.S. Most women in U.S. like a gentleman, like men to take the lead and pay although we are capable of paying and some of us take the first step but opening doors treating women like equals yes and with respect is fine but most of us see ourselves as ladies and well frankly we want to be cherished and treated like it and most American men oblige and enjoy the honor we give back by appreciating what they do for us! I feel like I need to sit down with a German man and flush this German dating culture out. We have our challenges in U.S. sometimes too. These days it seems like dating is ridiculously hard to do...what happened to the good old days when men just made it easy and approached a woman respectfully, showed interest, she either reciprocated or declined and sure friendship is foundational but my goodness it seems so "bubble" like these days AND where are the eligible worthy bachelors anyways?! Ok...thanks for your empathy on my rant. Haha I want to hold a singles forum worldwide. LOL Danke Theresia. 💜
When I was in Berlin, I was asked by a Germans female if she and a friend could sit with me and my group of friends, I thought that was cool and said yes. I was also hugged by a group of Germans because I gave them cigarettes. We stayed in touch and they came to my friend's 25th birthday party. I'm very direct and I think that helps. My German friend kept saying how did you do that, then I coached her to invite someone to her party. I like that Germans are able to be reserved and observe a person's character, in London a person's qualities can be seen as a weakness. If you were in London you would get approached a lot.
Trayvion Bailey
Showing my love and support
It's def not just munich i live in wiesbaden and i made a video askin how the hell do u make friends with people who are very cliquey until you get the greenlight to join the group and then they are clingy in weird ways lol
Selwyn Vickery
Lovely video Theresia! Then again, all of your videos are lovely😊
Lucia SZ
Girl I love this video because I know exactly what you are talking about . I have had the same problem in Spain . People are always very closed ❤️
Fauler Perfektionist
"What's the worst that could happen?"
It depends on circumstances you neglect to account for. I once heard about a young lady who asked out a guy she had just sat next to on a plane, and he said he was not interested. She had to spend the whole rest of the flight sitting beside him. Think how awkward that must've been. So if you take a shine to someone you are sitting beside on a plane, it's okay to ask them out, but wait until the plane has landed and the two of you are disembarking.
Faizaan Mir
I'll be flying to Munich in the last week of September for a Masters program at TUM.
Your videos are really insightful and have helped me learn a lot about the student life in Munich. Keep up the good work!
Rae Springer
lol "you can be dancing in friendzone land for awhile and who has time for that" this should be on a t-shirt too funny
Mike Miller
Gutes Video. Ich habe momentan ein Dilemma in Sachen Dating, vielleicht hast du eine Idee dazu. Ich habe ein Mädel aus Thailand kennengelernt, was hierhin gezogen ist. Ich habe schon mehrfach gehört, dass die Geschlechterrollen in Thailand noch sehr traditionell sind, d.h. eine Thai würde niemals einen Mann auf ein Date bitten, sondern es immer nur vom Mann erwarten. Jetzt waren wir auch schon zweimal auf eine Art Date, also wir haben was zusammen unternommen, aber kein Dinner Date oder so. Nur kommt von ihr kein weiterer Vorschlag oder Andeutung, dass sie nochmal was unternehmen will. Jetzt weiß ich nicht, ob das der Wink mit dem Zaunpfahl ist, dass sie wirklich nichts von mir will, oder ob es nur die thailändische Zurückhaltung ist? Zudem sind wir beide auch noch schüchtern. Das heißt ich will auch nicht mit der Tür ins Haus fallen aus Angst vor einer Blamage. Was mach ich nur, argh :D
Gerd Papenburg
I think social media has made the term 'friend' inflationary.
What most Americans used to call friends have been acquaintances/colleagues in Germany before social media.
To me as an older German a friend is a person which I could call at 3 am in the morning and ask her/him to pick me up since my car has broken down 100 miles away from our hometown.
An acqaintance/colleguage is a person which whom I like to meet for a beer after work or do some sport activities, but I would never call her/him a friend unless we get closer after a couple of time.
fola ishmail
hello Terry...nice video...however you seem not to like to tell much about yourself ;) anyways I couldn't find your page on instagram
Super Video! Du bist eine tolle junge Frau! :)
TheSadistic Queen
Could it also be a generational thing as well? Great video Theresia!
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Life in Berlin, Germany for an Indian DATING AND MAKING FRIENDS IN GERMANY 4 months ago   06:23

Raknas from India shares his experience on what life is like in Berlin, Germany.