Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Exposes Dangers AOC Questions Big Bank CEOs 2 days ago   04:00

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) called out tech companies for using facial recognition, designed mostly by and for white men, and selling the data without Americans' consent.
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In current events news, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called out tech companies in Silicon Valley in the United States Congress and asked tough questions about facial recognition technology. If you want to see AOC dance, you've come to the wrong video. This NowThis News video shows the Democratic party star Ocasio-Cortez interviewing these tech experts about the issues around facial recognition software. She's also leading on climate change, the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Green New Deal has gained a lot of traction and coverage in recent months.

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Kevin Sisseck
The #1 dumbass in America
The problem with her argument is her pointing the fingers at the companies that give the government the information. Maybe it should be pointed elsewhere.
sal been
If they scan her face they'll look for the horses owner
Marie Miller
she is talking about it....she did not expose anything other people 10//15 years ago made whole documentaries on the subject and so called experts have already testified at length to congress on the subject again she is riding on the shirt tails of other people's work and the risk they took to expose this stuff she should not be given credit for exposing any of this..
boo boo
Yeah they might figure out her real identity.
Janahina Valencia
In other words.... RACIST system
Rick Timmons
if she is against it; i am for it! aoc is too dumb to be speaking.
tothesavedlifeonearth istheonlyhelltheyllevrknow
this true I get followed by cops sheriff's helicopters motorcycles. feels so uncomfortable makes me paranoid.
Jeff Sturges
I wonder what all the 9-11 victims would have to say about constitutionality and minority rights?
Sober Toucan
2:42 - "-the full sepia of humanity"

Sepia, as in brown artificial coloring and the coloration effects of treating black and white photos with sulfide? That's not what sepia is used for. If anything, it's in line with 'burnt', 'treated', and 'vignetted' photography jargon.

I guess you could say in more ways than one that they painting a picture the wrong way.
Fahema Ahmed
I absolutely admire AOC questioning technique she doesn't come across passive aggressive or arrogant but rather genuinely addressing issues that are long overdue. Well done
calvin clark
Wow they said facial id was only created by white men that racist all they do is twist it around and always go to "well oh facial id is racist"
Joaquin Gonzalo
Alexandria Oscasio-Cortez is a frikkin communist (disguised as a democrat)
Reckless_ Jay
I love the red coat girl. Her speech
Douwe Bloot
Abigail Vella
Thay are puting these camres in Malta every where it is so sad that am afraid to go out I dont agree whit it it is spying privacy is over no more freedom whe are slave to the camras
now that sound be band as soon as possible we are beginning a target now stop it pls
Yikes' Glad I'm only 1/1000 Sub Saharan African.
USA is bless by Heavenly father fire brand big foor professional ladies with flexible house representative.Namely Ocasio,pelosi,Ulah,Pressley and Tlaib.
J Cardenas
AOC god bless you 🙏
Thank You for shining a light on all this darkness.
Aaron Bobo
Or if it happened multiple times maybe he committed the crime.
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AOC Questions Big Bank CEOs Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Exposes Dangers 2 days ago   05:26

There’s a joke going around Washington about the best strategy for the Wall Street CEOs when they face off with lawmakers this week: Stay calm and let Jamie Dimon take over.

Unlike the rest of the bank leaders testifying before the House Financial Services Committee, the JPMorgan Chase & Co. boss has been in the congressional hot seat many times before. And rival executives point out, he has a tendency to dominate the conversation anyway.

The April 10 hearing has consumed big banks’ lobbying and public relations operations for weeks. They’ve compiled thick briefing binders on issues like small business lending and minority hiring, readied responses to pointed questions about pay and inequality, and conducted so-called murder boards -- practice sessions where chief executive officers are cross-examined by a team pretending to be hostile members of Congress.

But even with the extensive preparations, few predict that the executives will come out unscathed. An anti-Wall Street sentiment runs through the Democrats now in control of the financial services panel, particularly among a group of newly-elected progressives who are pulling the party to the left.

AOC Snub
A case in point is New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She and her staff have refused to meet with the bank CEOs’ main trade group ahead of the hearing, according to people familiar with the matter.

“Bulletproof vests covered with fire-retardant suits may not protect the banks,’’ Jonice Gray Tucker, a partner at the Buckley law firm in Washington, warned a group of bankers at a conference last week. “It’s just a question, unfortunately, of how much scrutiny and how bad it is.’’

More important than who gets scorched, however, is whether Wednesday’s hearing turns out to be a preview of the intense political heat that Wall Street could face throughout the 2020 presidential campaign. With critics like Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders seeking the Democratic nomination, the industry fears months of bad publicity and calls for big banks to be broken up.

Banks have been eager for Washington to turn the page on the 2008 financial crisis and instead focus on more recent business scandals, including those involving Facebook Inc. and other technology giants. They’d like to set a fresh narrative that highlights their post-crisis guardrails and the trillions of dollars they pump into the economy.

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