How To Make Pop Up Roulette Game - Amazing How to Make Pop It Cracker Using Matches 2 months ago   12:16

How To Make Pop-Up Roulette Game - Amazing Cardboard DIY Cardboard TOYS!!

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Pramod Prajapati
Vivek Gaming
This is best bro
vr creations
Good like it I like it because it was a good show
Crafting and Gaming Zone
Great video and great game that you made :).
*Very good, I like it*
Hola Hola
Gee, i made it but it looks different, so bad. Me quedó mal la simetria todo torcido 😭😭😭😭😭
It's really cool, but what about the measurements of the pieces?
Metal Search
Extraordinaire tant la fabrication que la vidéo et ses effets spéciaux. Whaouu, un régal 😃.
Kavya Raikwar
Nice video
Does the losing hole change every time ? Or will you lose at the same hole every time ?
Aybee M.
Your very creative. Genius!!!
Itz Sakura-chan!
2Kth view
*Very good, I love it*
Eric M
Great build tutorial, but where are all the measurements?
It s verry good
That's amazing !
Link to buy on Amazon please?
We are jealous of your brilliance but also thankful that you exist
Thank you for showing us your ways
You have a wonderful talent my friend 🙂
Where is the template?? Can you give me pls..
René Llop Ahuanari Yahuarcani
cuando es el unico comentario en español :3
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How to Make Pop It Cracker Using Matches How To Make Pop Up Roulette Game - Amazing 2 months ago   02:38

Life hack of Matches : DIY: Learn how to make pop pop cracker using matches (matchbox) , tiny stone particle and butter paper almost material you can find from home or junkyard.
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