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Levi Wc 2014 Racers Training | Benchmark #3: Chris Vs Fis 22 Point's Racer's - At Up-Tube.com

Levi WC 2014 racers training Benchmark #3: Chris vs FIS 22 point's Racer's 2 days ago   05:54

Season 2018/2019 first WC SL next weekend @ Levi 17-18.11.2018. To get into the right mood here is Part 3 of the men's Friday training back in 2014. Kristoffersen beat Hirscher with 0,12 sec in a close battle leaving Neureuther third. Tina Maze first in the women's.

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Benchmark #3: Chris vs FIS 22 point's Racer's Levi WC 2014 racers training 2 days ago   07:42

In this week’s video we will continue comparing Chris to much better ski racers. In previous videos we have compared Chris to entry level Ladies WC racer Mathilda with a 20 points FIS SL rating https://up-tube.com/upvideo/6l_jlfUUvgZ) and to young up and coming strong FIS racer Niko with a 44 points FIS SL rating https://up-tube.com/upvideo/rH3XeOLpUPR).

As a club level racer you often wonder how much faster a WC racer is. Best way to find out is to have a WC racer on the same track. Such an event took place once again last week as two of our absolute best young FIS racers, twin brothers Niklas and Henrik, took part in our weekly club race at Noux. These two brothers are extremely good ski racers with FIS 22 and 23 points in SL. We are now talking about near future WC racers and absolute top athletes.
Both brothers were quite surprised by how fast Chris was. Henrik probably wasn't skiing as fast as he could in the first run since Chris beat him with half a second. In the second run both brothers beat Chris but overall Chris ended up second. However, we do by no means draw or jump to any hasty conclusions here. Ranking and clock time are one thing but there is a lot to be learned from this experience. Apart from Chris showing excellent pressure handling skills and consistently delivering full potential runs he shows extremely good speed for being just a “nobody” in ski racing. Only goes to show that there is a whole lot of hidden potential stuck at Club level.

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