Did Donald Trump Lie OR Misspeak at the Helsinki How Trump’s Handshake 🤝 Dominated 1 day ago   08:33

Derek Van Schaik
Does body language prove Donald Trump didn’t misspeak at the 2018 Helsinki Summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin?

Did President Donald Trump really mean "wouldn't" (double negative) or did he actually mean "would"?

In this video, we’re going to analyze Donald Trump’s body language during his correction statement to find out if it was “would” or “wouldn’t”.

Did Donald Trump Colluded With Russia To Win The 2016 Presidential Election? - Body Language Secrets

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What about Putin!? Can you read him, too? Please!? Thanks,
Roland Gonzales
Trump looks like he just did a huge line of cocaine before he says his biggest lies. Huge snort and all.
Ronald Likström
Its a shame that there are rabid maniacs that he HAS to agree with, just because they are "fellow Americans".
Ofcourse he was meaning "would" and not "wouldnt".
Deus Vult Te Vincit
Is this satire or just plaine bad nitpicking?
After what president trump has gone through with the fbi i do not blame him for not believing the feds.
Watch Destroyer
Analyze the last debate between Trump & Clinton. He made one lie that can be easily proven.
The White House is definitely, the most haunted place in the united states.. think about it, its full of spooks. But seriously, there is NO WAY in hell, that every inch of that property is not being monitored.
Anthony M
Trump afraid of the dark?? I would think not. I think what he said when the lights go out is the biggest clue. He said that its probably the intelligence agencies cutting the lights. Hmm i wonder why he would say that? Maybe he knows like every American that these agencies are corrupt. For decades its been common knowledge that the CIA is the assassin agency for the military industrial complex. Its also commom knowledge that the agency will kill anyone that gets in the way of the objective thats in place by the shadow government. Hes almost a problem as serious as JFK. Im sure he knows of a few operations that have been attempted against him, from creating fake info qbout hookers to having the FBI investigate him to try and find dirt. An attempt on his life is not far fetched and he knows it, turn would be afraid of the intelligence community that wants his head. Or atleast put in a body they can control
Red Queen Official
Russia did not do shit to this election, this case got recently closed ..so you’re being an unresearched crack of shit. The only thing Putin did was pay for Facebook ads promoting Trump which is not illegal.
shawn king
Idc about politics but I don’t think trump really Lie I think he mostly will tell u his truth of what he think weather u like it or not and that’s why we don’t like him....other politicians tell us what we want to hear....I’m not a trump supporter but I’m also not blind or stupid
HereIsWisdom 1318
I don’t think Trump’s reaction at the end was strange at al.

The lights at my work are motioned sensored and I work 3rd shift. So if I’m still for about 10 minutes, the lights flick off.

I’ve been there about a year, and it still scares the bejeezes out of me.

It’s all about the sudden change of states.
Preston Moore
Could he have thought there was about to be an assassination attempt or something like that. I'd think being the president would be pretty nerve wracking like that, after all presidents have about a 7-8% rate of getting killed.
Matt Caldwell
Our Intel agency dont have a very good track record ...wmds and lying to congress about NSA collections is pretty bad
I think Trump has been coached before.
Lol he definitely believes his lies... he lives in his own reality. He was nervous not because he knew he was lying but the reaction of his boss Putin and what he would do.
Jean Lain
Maybe he was nervous asf because he realized that he mis-worded on national TV🤷
He did act really strange/scared when the lights went out. L0L [Spranos Ending]
I have two possible real reasons why he "hugged" himself when the lights went out. Could be a combination of the two.

1) He has been greatly smeared as a "playboy" that will grab any woman by their privates. And so, hugging himself shows he was not touching anyone, when the lights came back on. Remember, he can not see that the camera can see his hands well.

2) It's a very nerves reaction. Thanks to both the media's bias lies and being POTUS, Trump has a huge target painted on him. He is fully relying on security to keep him safe. Security that could easily turn on him at any opportune moment. G.W. Bush had shoes thrown at him in a very enclosed room full of security. And the lights never went off. Imagine being POTUS with our current media attacking you, being in a small enclosed room talking about Russia, and the lights suddenly go out right as he's talking about trusting his Intelligence. You'd probably hug yourself as well.
spooky maddie
Soo, you admit he lied about Russia meddling in our election. Good. But then you defend him saying he planned this all along, to what, mind game Putin? LOL I have to laugh. Trump isn’t some genius playing 3-D chess. He chose to believe Russia over our OWN intelligence agencies. Obviously that didn’t go over too well, and then he had to backtrack. Your bias is disappointing, I thought your Chris Watts body language video was very well done. Sad!
Nunya Bizness
The DNI, FBI, CIA are the ONLY intel agencies who said russia hacked. And keep in mind that’s Clapper , Comey and Brennan . Trump doesn’t trust them and why should he? plus Seth Rich was the source Julian Assange admitted with a positive nod
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