BRONNY JAMES DUNKS IN FIRST NBA Funny Commercials 2019 3 months ago   04:30

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LeBron watches his son Bronny James Jr in his first middle school game in LA! Bronny also got his first official dunk for Crossroads!
When the 14-year-old eighth-grader stole the ball and ended the play with a dunk early in the third quarter on Monday, dad gave him a standing ovation from his seat behind the bench.
LeBron James Jr., known as Bronny, made his middle school debut for Santa Monica Crossroads on Monday afternoon, and his father looked pleased. Bronny drew his first ovation from dad early in the game with an assist. Bronny finished with 27 points in Crossroads’ 61-48 victory over Culver City Middle School before some 100 people in the Crossroads gym. Crossroads officials have been protective about Bronny from the moment his father decided to enroll his son at the school after he signed with the Lakers. Athletic director Ira Smith did not advertise the game over social media and turned away some media that wanted to cover it. He said the school plans to discourage use of video and use of social media at home games.
“The goal for everyone is let him be a 14-year-old eighth-grader,” Smith said. When Crossroads plays in road games, however, Smith understands there will be few options on limiting media interest, and you can expect the cameras to be out en force, especially to capture someone who can dunk.
“I told him my job is to protect the madness for as long as I can,” Smith said of his message to Bronny’s father.
There is no doubt the madness is coming. Bronny made three three-pointers and is clearly headed to elite status as a player. But he really is an eighth-grader, goofing around with friends, smiling after knocking the ball away from a teammate during warmups and acknowledging his famous father who showed up 3½ minutes before the scheduled tipoff.
Bronny’s first high school game next season will be quite a moment. Crossroads already has the son of Shaquille O’Neal on varsity. If there’s an O’Neal and a James on the same court . . .
The question is how long Crossroads can maintain a level of normalcy for a middle school boy with big basketball aspirations. The school intends to try its best.

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Comments 1713 Comments

Of course LeBron’s watching, he’s his dad
Hot Sauce
Dunks like his dad
Littlebaby Panda
Danm bronny went from a probaly one of the top team in the state to this weak ass team

I feel bad
A Cooper
Who else knows for sure Bronny going to the NBA
A Cooper
Did I just see lavar ball
Donis B
LaVar ruined the entire video
Bronny could teach his dad how to hit some damn free throws
Tyler Steinkamp
starting to shoto above his head
Leticia Gomes
André que a Duda é porque tu não tá mais fazendo vídeo
Hank Kennedy
He needs to play up with older kids
Jeremy Key
People still obsessed with dunks. There are like ten year olds doing it easily now. These kids evolving quicker. It’s crazy
Ross Best
*Hes good but this competition hes. Up against is AWFUL! May stunt his growth I got better by playing against the best competition. **2:33*
This nigga sneezes and they clap like he won the physics nobel prize.
Bronny James
I went off no Capp 🐍
Bestaboss 380
Y do you put with LeBron watching in the title that's his dad he is always gunna be there
SnowyMonkey 123
When he played with chip city the whole team was good now it’s bronny vs team
Nia Ahmed
What’s bronny wearing on his right leg
Chronic Lander
Lebron probably like that some easy shit
Chronic Lander
Its not fair!!!!
Lol i am not even bronsexual or sm8 but this kid is too damn great, skilled and way more advanced than any 8th grader damn lebron should let kobe train him 1v1 and
sure bronny has lebron in his playstyle..i wanna see him play vs his farher that would be something
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NBA Funny Commercials 2019 BRONNY JAMES DUNKS IN FIRST 3 months ago   13:05

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