Sorority BIG LITTLE Reveal! | Chi Omega How Twins Fight | Brooklyn and Bailey 9 months ago   10:30

Brooklyn and Bailey
In our last video, we revealed that we joined a sorority at Baylor, and you guys left SO MANY comments asking to see our Big/Little grand reveal! This video/post was sponsored by Pearson Writer. Click to learn more about Pearson:

When you first join a sorority, you are considered a “Little”, and every little gets assigned a “Big”. Basically, a “Big” is just like a big sister who is there for you, and always has your back! If you ever need help with anything, are struggling with a class, or just need someone to talk to, you can always count on your Big!

When you first join the sorority, however, you have no idea who your Big is going to be! A super fun week of activities takes place (before the Grand Reveal) where your Big will likely send you cute little daily gifts to welcome you into the sorority. As you are receiving the gifts, you still don’t know who is sending them to you!!

We are both SO excited with the grand reveal of our BIGS, and we already love them so much! What did you guys think of this Big/Little reveal video? Want to see more videos like this? Comment below!

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💋's -Brooklyn

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Brooklyn and Bailey
Are you guys thinking about joining a sorority?? Comment below! 💋's - Brooklyn
Krystal M
My biggest regret about college was going to one that didn’t have sororities and I’m so sad I never got to experience this 😭
Yo! Brooklyn you got a beanie boo!! I have like twenty. Although, I don't have that owl one!
Kate Kui
Wanted to and I’m 11
I would want to be in a sorority, but we don’t have this kind of stuff.
I can’t believe we’re sisters! Chi O 4ever
Lily Runnion
my moms on the governing council
James Sacarr
What’s i day
Haley Sherfield
Can’t wait to get my Chi O family😭 Love from a Chi O phi theta💗
Trashcancas Productions
please vlog when you become a BIG in the BIG LITTLE tradition!!
Kaylee Kerbow
Emily Vandergon
I’m in a sorority
Camille Elizabeth
I’m a Legacy in chi omega
a a
aint chi omega where ted bundy murdered those sorority girls
Sylvia Park
This looks a lot like the "bunting" program at my school!
Our school is small so we stick in the same class for all of high school so we have unnies of the same class same number who take care of us and dongsaengs who we pass the love onto
Alexis Botchey
I really wanna be in college cause of you guys but I’m stuck in 5th grade 🥺😞🥺😩😫😖😣
Lillian Harding
I just bought your guys mascara and I am sosososososo excited I cannot wait!
Jhoana Paula
I'm excited to see you prepare for your little soon
Lilly McNeill
Angela Kinsey from the office is your sorority sister
Autumn Dunlap
Brooklyn and her “sister” can do the thunder and lightning thing from Girl Meets World
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How Twins Fight | Brooklyn and Bailey Sorority BIG LITTLE Reveal! | Chi Omega 9 months ago   05:41

Ever wanted to know how twins fight? 👯 Do they yell, hit, spit, pull hair, or ignore each other? See in what ways we may disagree as twins!

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Brooklyn and I do not fight, at least, not in the way you might think. I don't remember that we've ever been upset at each for longer than 5 minutes, and we feel so blessed to have a great relationship! So, how do we fight???

In this week's video, we'll show you several of the ways we may disagree with one another! Comment below if you relate to us in any of these disagreement scenarios!

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