KARMA in Football 15 Times When Cristiano Ronaldo 8 months ago   03:47

KARMA in Football
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lizardhead 21
For number 8 i couldnt find the karma...

Anyone else..or just me?
First one feels like the biggest karma on the world.
Funny Time
I feel like Messi said your such a bitch where he throws the ball up
the stani
0.40 what is the song.
Denzel labonne
Dan Gaming
Imagine if icons still play in this year
utilitu gamerZ
2:10 and 2:28 is not really karma for barca because ronaldo first scored goall and in next match messi scored and copyed ronaldo thats is real madrid karma barca win
Enoch Sarpong
Ronaldo is not I. The defense so what are you talking about
PewDie Pie
Madrid is drinking tears right now 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Biswa JIT
For Pique
Greatest Achievement - Shakira
Greatest Loss - Ronaldo in Real

For Ramos,
Greatest Achievement - Captain of Ronaldo in Real
Greatest Loss - Messi thrashing Real without Ronaldo
Siphosethu Phewa
The guy is heading people instead of the ball
Hyphen -
How is the last one karma france scored and sweden were idiots
You just loveeeeeee Ronaldo
Saveer Lakhwani
Benzema and bale seirgo ramos
Saveer Lakhwani
Other than Ronaldo. hazard and mpaape
was the Payet one really karma? he didn't mean to injure Ronaldo...
3:26 that's not karma that's just revenge
Ivan R
There is no karma in this. The players worked hard to get their goals.
1000 subs without video challenge
Karma is free.
omer emran
number 6 never happend and why are you making a video promoting omly ronaldo about football? it might as well be named "ronaldo is the best"
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15 Times When Cristiano Ronaldo KARMA in Football 8 months ago   05:12

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